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HL1002 - Darjeeling
Leaf Tea in Luxury Tea Bags
A luxury blend to be enjoyed all day,
ideal for afternoon & evening

Light to medium taste

An exquisite fragrant second flush Darjeeling tea with a fine muscatel flavour

Available as loose leaf & in luxury tea bags
75g / 2.5g x 20 bags

Origin: Darjeeling, which lies in the foothills
of the Himalayas in the North East of India

Method of processing: Orthodox

Ingredients: Finest Darjeeling black teas

Leaf grade: Specially selected finest quality
tippy golden flowery orange pekoe 1

Leaf appearance: Black, stylish, clean, well-made, well-twisted, leafy, plenty of golden tips

Infused Leaf: Bright, very fair, aromatic

Liquor: Exceptional cup colour, fine
muscatel flavour and character
Brewing instructions:
Use 1 bag per cup. Add freshly boiled water. Brew for 4-5 minutes, keeping the teacup covered. Best served without milk. If adding milk use 2-3 tsp of milk.
Storage instructions:
Once opened, store in an airtight container and avoid direct sunlight.
Leaf Tea in Luxury Tea Bags
20 bags 50g e 1.76oz
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